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Welcome to Nsikawathu, your number one source for all business activities. Business should not be burdensome and we are here to make sure of that. With us, your business will go digital with ease. Imagine a World where you get to do all your business actities from one place.


Nsikawathu was founded in 2022 with an aim of making business activities very easy and very affordable to all classes of people in Malawi. Nsikawathu is truly Malawi's own online business site. With Nsikawathu, you can do almost all what business requires from business people to office people including government officials. With Nsikawathu you can sell almost anything from personal items and services to commercial products and services. As a seller, you can choose either to just advertise or sell online across the globe at the comfort of your home or office. As a buyer, you can browse through hundreds of products and services and know how easily you can get to them or purchase them online and get them delivered to you or collect them from the sellers' stores and shops.



Free Personal and Business Profiles: Create profiles for free and let other users and visitors reach to you either on the platform or by contacting you through your provided contacts. We have personal profiles where you are to create your personal profile. You will fill your details accordingly during sign-up. You may also create an office profile, this is a profile which will presents your office digitally. Users will digitally visit your office right on the platform and see what your office is offering and doing. Users may also contact your office on the platform through messaging. Merchants can also create specially made merchant profiles. Organisation and clubs are also able to create their designated profiles through which users and visitors may find them and get in touch with them. Any profile can top up credits, receive payments, make payments and also make withdrawals. Messaging is available and free to all profiles. We have different types of profiles which will enable anyone or any entity to be able to be digitally present here on this digital market. When signing up, the default profile or account type is a personal guest type of account, click on "Profile type" to see other types of profiles.


Business Mediation: Don't fail to do business because of lack of trust. We offer business mediation services between two parties. When you want to do business more especially with someone or a business entity which is far, contact us and we will stand in between. To use this service, go to users here on the platform and search for a user named Nsikawathu Business Mediator then send this user a connection request and a message. In the message you will write about the business you would like to do and with which user. The Mediator will then contact the user you would like to do business with to confirm on the details received from you. When the other user agrees to what you might have sent the Mediator, the Mediator will come back to you and tell you to go on with the business. Then the one to do the payment will send the payment (NSI Credits) to the account of the Mediator (Nsikawathu Business Mediator) here on the platform. Then the Mediator will alert the other party that payment have been made and business should continue. When everything goes fine and the business is finished successfully, the Mediator will send the funds to the one to receive the payment. If something goes wrong, then the Mediator will send back the funds to the one who made the payment. This will be after contacting both parties and all agree on sending back the payment. The payment will be sent to the one to receive the payment as NSI Credits or to any means provided by the user e.g. to Airtel Money, TNM Mpamba or to Bank Account. This service will attract a deduction of 3% of the total amount of the business being done, this is whether business has been successful or not.


Online Stores: Create payable online stores through which you can advertise and sell your products. After creating an account, you can choose to use any other available services you may wish to use on the platform. To be able to use online store service, make sure you have purchased credits and upgraded your membership subscription. To create an online store on your own, go to menu and click on "Stores," then click on "Become a seller." Then continue creating your store. To have us create your store on your behalf, contact the Nsikawathu Support on the platform. If we are to create a store on your behalf, we will charge MK1000 per tangible product created and MK2000 per song. For other digital products with big sizes, the cost varies. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to ask us how you can go about it if you choose to create the store yourself and we will be glad to assist you. Our stores support the sale of tangible products, digital products and products through web links. For all digital and link products, we charge 9% of every sale or MK9 on every MK100. For tangible products, we charge 3% on every sale, that is MK3 on every MK100.


Online Classifieds: Create professional classifieds for both personal and commercial items. Advertise your cars, mobile phones, Televisions, Furniture, Jewries, food stuff, machineries, desktops, laptops, cameras etc. To create a classified, go on the top menu and click on "Classifieds," then click on the plus (+) sign in a white circle at the top right corner.


We hope you will enjoy our services and products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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● Via Email: info@nsikawathu.com
● Via Phone Number: +265985254840 or +265888062063
● Via this Link: https://www.nsikawathu.com/contact
● Via this Address: Nsikawathu, Post Office, Box 30561, Lilongwe 3, Malawi
Date Created: 25/05/2022